ECG Wireless Bio-Amplifier

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Wireless Bio-Amplifier

Wireless Bio-Amplifiers

Compact Wireless Bio-Amplifiers give you a low-cost solution for monitoring of EEG, ECG, EOG or EMG signals. Different models allow you to choose the most cost-effective system for your application. A full compatibility of different WBAs allows to cascade them and combine multiple signal sources. The general purpose WBA can be connected to external sources like temperature or pressure sensors and monitor them simultaneously with ECG, for example.

Behind-the-Ear WBA

EOG or EEG applications may profit from the specially designed Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Wireless Bio-Amplifiers. Single or two channel BTE version is optimally suited for observation of freely operating human subjects in the real environment. Special applications like Brain-to-Computer Interfaces may be implemented. High gain capability and internal digital signal processing core will be used to perform a signal pre-processing according to your algorithms. Open Software Interface includes communication, signal conditioning and DSP libraries. Dedicated development tools may be used to design special algorithms for the real-time signal processing.




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Technical Characteristics


Number of Channels

1, 2, 6

Transmission frequency, MHz

88-108 (US)

433 ISM (EU)

Transmission range, m


Gain1 , dB


Band-pass filter1, Hz


Internal noise, µV RMS


Sampling frequency, KHz


Input voltage range2, µV

100 - 1000

Number of WBA ID


Power supply, V


Battery life time, hours


Dimension, mm


Weight, g




(1) - customer defined

(2) - application specific